Got tagged by Sierra, seemed fun.

3 Joys:
{excluding the assumed husband, church, family etc; the sound of ice cream trucks
{rediscoverying dance
{any truly inspiring creative work such as anthro

3 Fears:
{dark movies or commercials, the dark, feeling dark, anything opposite of light.
{running up stairs alone-i have to look behind me the whole time and it gets my heart rate skyrocketing
{i'm scared to say others or else they'll happen to me

3 Goals
{open a creative business
{be that old couple with a sparkle of love still in their eye
{publish a book

3 Current Obsessions
{cooking in aprons
{penmenship of all sorts
{thinking about becoming a mother like my own

3 Surprising Facts
{i try to teach my nieces and nephews to call me auntie mare-but said in an english accent
{my grandparents are step brother and sisters (their widowed parents got married after they were married.... get it?)
{i always thought a curling iron was called a curly nyern

3 Fellow Bloggers to Tag:
{Karly Staples
{Angel Ercanbrack
{Jenna Miller


the joys of living without all of your things

You know it is bad when your husband eats cereal out of a large serving bowl and a plastic fork. Gratefully it doesn't seem to bother him.


So I ran a big bad 5k this past saturday. It was more fun than I was expecting. The crowds and cheering helped.

Mostly, I left feeling uplifted, able, and extremely blessed. This event, called the Vision 5k, was created for the visually impaired. We saw so many inspiring people and simple gestures. The visually impaired takes a guide tied at the wrist and runs with all the rest. The visually impaired man on the left here beat me. I finished 27:55.

It was a beautiful venue in Fenway Park, past the Museum of Fine Arts, and no hills most importantly. For the first time in weeks it reached over 90 degrees of course on the day of the race- but some sunkissed skin never hurt anybody. I've been more grateful for vision this past year than ever before. I feel truly blessed to have my sight.

Sorry no pics of me-post 5k doesn't look to good on me.