a sea separates us today

though miles apart, i love him no less.
devin knows where to find my phone, keys, diaper bag, or any thing important that i often lose.
devin writes in his journal in cursive and it looks better than mine.
devin doesn't always win games against me but he still plays them competitively.
devin makes my brothers laugh more than i can.
devin spent hours creating spreadsheet for a business idea of mine because he believes in me.
devin likes josh groban and i don't.

devin fearlessly would speak french in belgium while i didn't say one word to anyone for six months.
devin is missing a middle name: mr. meticulous.
devin lends me his chapstick because i never carry my own.
devin has thorough to-do-lists which rarely go unaccomplished.
devin taught me to like foods like mushrooms and beets that i never enjoyed before.
devin doesn't need sweets everyday and praise the heavens above for that.
devin sings and i cant.
devin is a master of finishing a task while i have fifty unfinished projects lying around.
devin does dirty work-changing diapers, cleaning toilets, and taking out the trash for which i'm glad.
devin never makes me feel bad for being less than i should, but patiently waits for me to be better.
devin lets me buy a pair of shoes i don't need when he hasn't bought a pair of new jeans he does need.
devin adores the lord, me, and our son, just as much as i had always hoped for.
I'm not perfect, neither are you, nor is our marriage. but you and me, our marriage, imperfections and all, makes me happier than i can express.  
happy valentines devin. i love and miss you.