flashback to copenhagen

country 2. denmark. in my top 3 list. could live there tomorrow.

raining and pouring. shopping to fight the weather. no umbrella, no coats, white shirt. niiiice hotel. two toilets. waters edge. free wireless=reason why we got ourLUGGAGE! edith and ella. lady bug road. zara. kebab. boy from england who didnt have a mother. girl who had met a mormon before. even, level, uniform enchanting buildings-my favorite tied with amsterdam. clean! nicest people. overnight train. pricey pricey. lots of walking. feeling like a homeless person after 4 days without change of clothes. duck pond. lugging our bags around the city before we caught the train, but grateful for them. funny changing of the guards at the palace. people always out. hands down best custard out there. sporting a thailand shirt as a gift from our train friend to brave the storm. thorvaldsens kristus-top 10 fav things from the whole trip. gay pride week at Our Lady's Church where the Kristus is displayed. rain, sandals, walking, and cobblestones=sore feet. fruit stand. sighting an urban o overseas and going in to feel at home. admiral.


attempting to recap

for history's sake, i need to document europe more than just the first few days in amsterdam.
country 3. beginning with southern sweden. karlskrona.

small red cottages. picturesque brandaholm. arhipelago. water everywhere. devout members. jusinski's best old house in the history of time. imported french stove and slanted floors. original fire place. 400 years old. free dessert from devin's friend. boat ride. weekend fair. no more language barrier. rolling hills. cobblestone roads. dev's old mission apartment. windmills. camping in our little red cottage with community showers. swedish design. marshmellow looking hay holders. geese at the glass blowers. sunday drive. loaded antique store. vibrant swedish branch. woman translating during relief society. understanding enough swedish on fast sunday. seaside garden picking. kalmar slott castle. long walks. mcdonalds:). clean train from denmark to sweden. rental car placed closed. kind smoking man saved us from being stranded. grocery store for granola and bread. mounds of famous ice cream for almost pennies. moss rock with a heart on it.

southern sweden won my heart over. such a simplistic life. i could use to follow in their footsteps.