4 generations

Copeland is the 50th great-grandchild on the Killpack side.
But surprisingly, he is the first grandbaby to carry on the Killpack name.
Hopefully we can carry that name with honor.


wide open eyes

someone wise warned me that having a boy is like falling in love again. it's true. i could stare at those eyes all day.
i also wish i could memorize every wrinkle, roll, expression, and pose.


no pictures means no posts

for a little over 24 hours sometime last week we couldn't locate our camera charger.
our battery was dead, which meant no pictures until we found it. i think i almost went crazy because i couldn't bear the thought that i may miss documenting every day of cope's life. so silly. 
we found it, and are back in the business of frenzied picture snapping.