follow your...

loved this thought:

"Joseph Campbell, a professor of literature who studied and taught about hero myths, introduced the phrase “follow your bliss” back in the 1970s. The idea was that heroes don’t chase money or prestige; they look into their hearts to find their passion and then pursue it.5 Now you see the phrase “follow your bliss” everywhere. Later, Campbell developed misgivings about how people were using the phrase. It was reported that he quipped, “What I should have said was, ‘Follow your blisters.’” You may do the most important, exciting work in the world. Nonetheless, some days will be mundane and no fun at all. You will be called upon to sacrifice. Don’t expect deep meaning without paying the price for it."

what could be better than following your blisters? i've been trying it for a few days, and have noticed a happier, more motivated me.

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do you game?

i come from a long family line of gaming. board games, card games, name games, word games, long games, speed games, competitive games, silly games-we love any and all. we're not talking bout computer games, but we do love a little tetris here and there.
on holidays we don't go to the movies, we stay cooped up and play game after game. it's what we do.  we repeat the same one over and over, till we find a new one we love. 
devin has slowly got the game train. i love him for it.
i love the way a game with family is filled with humor, interaction, memories, and hopefully a little mental challenge. that's my definition of a good past time.
playin one of our favorite games: qwirkle
got a favorite game?