the past month

you know it's time to update your blog when your mom reminds you that it has been a long time since you last posted.
i put pictures on instagram so sorry if you have seen them already. but this one is for my mom.

an old belgium picture to celebrate love.
Skype session. one of the world's best inventions.
toothbrushing. despite his look, he loves it so much you have to pry off his brush.
the communal. belated valentines dinner. if you haven't been, go!
wearing daddy's leather shoes. thank you shelby for saving these.
lunch at frida's in salt lake. you must go get their guacamole and fresh tortillas!
cougarette concert. honored to know miss sarah russo. besides her mother, i'm probably her biggest fan.
cope likes to stand up holding onto the ottoman. how is he old enough for this?
i usually let cope entertain himself with my make up. that is, until i came upon this messy yoga mat.
date on the couch.
 we love that we can walk two blocks to the site of a new temple. it makes us very happy.
 happy birthday papa. we bought you your favorite treat: starburst jellybeans!