3 months is my favorite age yet.

cope smiles on a regular basis now. is slowly lengthening his sleep patterns. clasps his hands and chews on his fingers. finally passed 12 pounds after a month of plateau-ing. fits into newborn clothes still. blows out his diaper almost every morning. still dislikes tummy time. is a more efficient eater. can sit in his bumbo. snorts a lot. does his very best to hold up his large noggin. loves outside. usually is caught with expressive eyebrows going on. has less gas and spit up problems. follows our faces around the room. coos repeatedly right before he falls asleep in the car seat. loves his mobile. can almost hold a binki in on his own for longer than 30 seconds. loves being bounced around and nuzzled. started displaying the most endearing legitimate frown. grows nails like weeds.

i love everything about this age. he is still so small yet getting so big.