aww... we're on the cushions

yesterday the view from our place looked like this.

now the sun is shining, and i cannot see a cloud in the sky. praises! it is friday and my mind is thinking about weekend things. like a dear friend's wedding tomorrow, if we should drive to the coast this weekend to celebrate our engagement anniversary, who i am going to call as soon as work is off, what things i need at the grocery store, and if the post office closes at 5.

AND what sort of things are worth it buy as souvenirs?!? i want to be able to remember our time here, but i dont wanna buy the whole world. take this cushion(as they are called here). yes, there is a "streets of brussels" pillow at anthropologie.eu. wanting one. pretty bad. i am grateful, and devin is a lot grateful, that currently no anthro is in sight, and the euro makes all things expensive. BUT, i will be a tiny bit more grateful to return to utah where i can get to anthro in 25 minutes, instead of going all the way to london for the pleasure of visiting the nearest weakness of mine. is that bad? sigh.
happy weekend from across the sea.


this has nothing to do with beglium, but everything to do with family

i can't remember the last time i went camping with my entire family, so when the killpacks went up hobblecreek canyon i was overjoyed. they booked our campsite which was perfect, made one of the best dutch oven dinners i've had, and set up a tent for us since we were leaving two days later-thank you!

my biggest accomplishment of the overnighter:getting my nephew seth to give me a kiss on the cheek, which is huge since, "kissing is not my thing" as he says:) surrounded by God's creations, sleeping in a tent, riding bikes through the canyon, talking 'round the fire, water balloon fights, incredible smores, bonding time = a great last hurrah and a full mind of memories to draw upon when i'm missing family, which is right about now. love you killpacks.


to quote a friend:

"Belgium is wet but nice, sorta like some kisses can be."

:) it has been in the fifties over here for the past week, and i think it has been in the nineties in utah. in order to abide more closely to this quote, i am going to accentuate the positive.

I am asking that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the SUNLIGHT. I am suggesting that as we go through life we “ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE.” I am asking that we look a little DEEPER for the good, that we still voices of insult and sarcasm, that we more GENEROUSLY compliment virtue and effort. (Gordon B. Hinckley, “The Spirit of Optimism”)

the positive:
-when it is raining at night, i fall asleep quicker.
-seeing rare rays of sun poking through all the gloomy clouds actually puts a smile on your face.
-i'm not sweaty, i dont miss being sweaty.
-i really love stepping in puddles.
-all the greenery here just looks more green with rain.
-time for tomato soup, i love soup.
-cozying up close in bed is so essential and more genuine when it is cold rather than when it's hot.

while i'm not ready for it too feel less like summer, i am loving our overcast, wet belgian home.


i turned up the beatles while making dinner, and my heart went back to some good ole dance days filled with that music, which led to thinking about any and all old dance days, and even trying a few pirouettes. the reminiscing was semi-painful.
i miss dance, and i don't think i am alone in saying that. it has brought me so much fulfillment, so many friends, to so many cities, and taught my spirit so much. it will always be my art form of choice. maybe i'll see a company a or two perform while here, until then enjoy some good tunes old school style.


i'm giving up with counting days. it's getting old, gonna be too hard to continue, and i can only count to nineteen in french, woops.

weekend was spent working overtime, and then relaxing.
sunday we attended the most wonderful ward, different from last week. i made my first belgian friend: a four year old in a pink dress. she came up to me in sacrament meeting and we were fast pals instantly without even a word of exchange. there are three couples our age in the ward and many english speakers. it feels like home. answered prayer.
we headed into the city for the biennial flower carpet. first time exploring the downtown of any city always takes my breath away-so new, so much to see, endless places to wander, and a new culture to observe. the flowers were incredible but the grand place or surrounding square was quite the rivalry for them. here's to a new week, fresh start, and brand new day.