Toms Shoes

Meet TOM'S Shoes. TOM'S is an example of a company that uses their ideas to fix social problems. The whole brilliancy behind TOMS is for every shoe bought, another pair is given to someone needing shoes in a third world country. This is the kind of organization i want to be a part of forever.

Yesterday Devin and I bought our first pair.


SOOO next week the club that Devin and I are a part of at BYU is putting on a TOM'S Shoes event. Real TOM'S representatives will be showing videos and experiences about 'shoe drops' (the incredible part of the story where shoes are actually delivered to kids who need them) and much more. It will be an perfect FHE. 5:45 -7:00 in the JFSB auditorium. Our goal is to fill the whole auditorium so please come and bring your friends family and fhe groups! See you there.