mothering me

i'm surprised by the women all around me who still mother me. yes i still need mothering. funny how that since becoming a mother, i've actually never felt more need to be mothered. you would think i was the baby here.

it's little things like my high school friend's mom who, while we were chatting, zealously cleaned her kitchen as if it was the most honorable duty known to man. i've cleaned my stove with rich pride since that day. 
or there is my beloved elderly family friend who taught me about following promptings and generously giving, though she herself has so little. i know i can give more. 
there are friends who live out of state, whose correspondence gives me confidence in my meager but adequate abilities. lately i've even been singing the sound of music song, "i have confidence" to drive the point home. 
i can't talk of mothers without mentioning my sister in law who answers, or finds the answer if she doesn't know it, any and every silly question i conjure up in my mind. i want to be that way for my other sisters-in-law someday.
of course there is my sweet dance friend who makes motherhood look fashionable and appealing. this is especially useful for days when you change your outfit, we're talking sweats people, three times a day from all sorts of bodily fluids. 
and then there are my neighbors who help me semi-exercise with walks and strollers and blanket time on the lawn. socializing with adults never grows old. 
or there is my husband's best friend's wife who always helps me to think of my favorite things about my new little one, an activity that almost immediately brightens ones mood. 
there is also my own husband's mother who gave us a recent lifesaver-a mobile. i needed mothering to know how valuable those entertainers are. 
even the ballet director at the studio i teach reminds me to get babysitters from time to time and flu shots:) i'm trying to follow her counsel.
my inexpressibly perfect mother wrote me a letter before she left. i keep it in my scriptures at the side of my bed. it's just two sides, short really. i read it at night when i'm alone and have a tissue handy. it's all the mothering i could ask for. my goal in life is to live so that my children feel about me even close to what i feel about my angel mother.

shout out to anyone, listed or not, who has mothered me recently. i'm grateful.