365 days...... almost

as of tomorrow devin and i will have been married one year. its been incredible.
some of my highlights:

staying up late and talking til the wee hours of the morning
learning tennis, for me, this past summer
dancing together
painting our apartment
traveling together, its one of my favorite things
planning our life and future
living away in boston
cookin dinner for devin
playing card games late at night
devin washing dishes after i cook
selling our other car and planning our schedules to drive together
sweet priesthood blessings from the best guy
still getting my car door opened everytime we go somewhere

he has the night planned tonight. something simple, cuz on january 6 we leave for cancun and the celbration continues. thanks babe for the greatest 365 days yet.


A little rough housing

devin devided to boost me onto a freshly fluffed love sac, an experience of a lifetime, and camera whiz meg caught the moment. gotta love times like these.