a little thing we like to call TM

we had a TM, or tender mercy, this month as we, or should i say i, lost our camera. of course, we found it our i would not be writing about my tender mercy. Here are some of our happenings while our camera was out:

first, some parties with lovable friends.

next, we got our first REAL Christmas tree. Its the short doctor suessish looking one. it passed away only two weeks of being with us and with a week left til christmas we decided to get another one for ten bucks.
(Somewhere in now and then we finished finals with a bang! we are loving the break.)
Then we went up to the Mo-Tab Christmas concert where we lost the camera. The tender mercy comes into play here when we received a phone call saying that our camera was found- two weeks after we lost it!

so no more pictures of our december. it was simply mahvelous though. devin completely shocked me with a hotel in park city for the weekend of our anniversary where we went swimming in the snow for the first time,(they had an indoor/outdoor pool, we waited til it was snowing to go.) walked main st. and got some Christmas presents. thanks dev.

our Chistmas this year was the best yet. simple and perfect, thanks to parents and loved ones. I cant believe its over.