bitty bit bout boston

Thought we'd try to keep you up to snuff on this new city we're exploring. Here are some views taken right in our complex!

We live maybe 15-20 minutes away from Harvard. We went to visit and loved it all. The entrance:

Such a quaint Bookstore

We had the best time posing by this statue of the founder of Harvard: John Harvard. We loved to joke about how we 'went' to Harvard. Here's devin pretending he's graduating now. Some of the real students took pics with their hand on the shoe like so. All passers by laughed at us.
Devin and I, Kyler, Sierra and John Prina

Sierra and I posing by these pillars. Funny story: her little babe is chillin behind the pillar-This was a girls only shot. Maybe next time Kyler.

The Library

Devin looks like an angel right here- Glowing thanks to the flash

This past Sunday while Devin and I were out walking we saw birds flying in a V!
Thought I'd list some favorite V things:
Venus Razors-will never go back
Validations-parking at the malls here isn't fun!
Voicemails-devin leaves me the funniest onesn and I save them all
V8 juice-My mother always gets it on the airplane, particularly the spicy kind
Vacant bathrooms on the airplane or anywhere
Vitamin-C is the fav
Valentines day-LOVE!!!
Vinegarette dressing
Verizon Wireless, only because it helps me out every time one of my phone breaks
Venting to dear friends
Vienna and Versailles-two places I wanna go
Victorian houses and furniture
Vegans-there are few people who can do it and I respect them
Vanilla ice cream, pudding, cake, and frosting
Victory-runnaway bride anyone?
What are a few of your favorite V's?


Tennis Tuesdays

I cant throw a ball, catch ball, or do anything really sports related, and I wanted to change that this summer. It's embarrasing! So I told Devin he had to teach me how to do it all. We've touched on golfing in the past. Moving on to TENNIS. It's my new favorite time with my best friend-Tennis Tuesdays. We wanna play every tuesday morningDevin plays really well, was on the team in high school, and has a killer serve. Here's our goings so far.
gotta love the early morning look
there are some pretty nice courts real close to where we live

us getting our tennis faces on

We went this past week with Sierra and John. It was a lot better for Devin to have someone his own size. But poor Sierra had to deal with me. We were swinging all over the place looking like silly dance girls. We hit a few out of the fence- Woops.

I got Tagged!

Melissa Ercanbrack tagged me and I like this cute marriage tag.

How long have you been married? not even 6 months
How old is your spouse? 23
Who eats more? I'd claim I do, but Devin doesn't believe it
Who said I love you first? Devin, but I was a quick second. I guess there is no one in third so that doesn't matter.
Who is taller? Devin has 8 inches on me
Who sings better? Devin sings better, but I sing more which may be worse
Who is smarter? I probably do better in tests, but Devin is more knowledgeable.
Who controls the T.V. remote? Devin, I dont know how to work that high tech stuff.
Whose temper is worse? I dunno, but I get way more stressed than Devin ever does and so probably me.
Who does the laundry? Devin reminds me when it's past due and puts it in but I usually fold it.
Who does the dishes? Devin, but sometimes me. I cook, he washes. He's better at washing than anyone I know.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? If you're in it-Devin.
Who cooks dinner? Before this summer we both did. Now just me. I'm glad I have more time to cook, but sad cause Devin is a true chef like Ratatouille-just throws together something fab.
Who is more stubborn? Devin is only stubborn about opening the door for me, and what a nice thing to forever be stubborn about.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? Devin, he is so humble.
Whose parents do you see the most? Devin's
Who has more friends? We just hang out with each other. I'd guess I have more, but his friends he is really close with.
Who has more siblings? Devin. He has 5, and I have 4.
Who wears the pants in the family? Devin, i'm just here to enjoy the ride and it's been beautiful.

Thanks lissa:) I tag Sierra Prina. Missy Turnbull. Sherry Glazier. and CharLee Carn.