two new additions to our family

meet Nisse and Ethel-pictured below on our exursion to San Fran where we became instant friends. Nisse, in the blue, is Devins. Ethel is obviously mine.
they will be accompanying us for 25 days as we take them with us to europe on MONDAY. we cant believe it is here. hopefully Ethel can fit everything in that i want to take:) hopefully my back can handle it.


ODE to Miss Henderson

today not only do we celebrate pioneer day, but the beloved date of birth of one of the world's most couragous spirits: BECCA HENDERSON

my love for this earthly angel began almost 8 years ago when i saw her dance. i couldnt forget that. two years later i remember having a conversation in an elevator with her. as time passed, she became an aquaintance and eventually a lifelong friend. my senior year i spent a weekend at her pad in AZ for an audition. after graduation i spent the summer of 2006 as her comrade and it is there that our friendship blossomed.

we spent many a night sitting on this window sill listening to sarah.
we bought fancy clothes and played dress up.

we danced, sweat a lot, and constantly laughed. everytime i finish a conversation with her my cheeks hurt for at least 2 minutes.memories with becca consist of great restaurants...
long talks on rocks in central park...
an experience with conversion and missionary work that changed us all...
good food of course...
getting ripped off by some foreigner to ride in a buggy around central park...being there for every important event.
good summers together...the list goes on with lessons learned about scripture study, selflessness, pure creativity(probably one of the most creative people i know) health, journaling, dancing, thrift, wittyness, style and on.
i evol uoy acceb nosredneh!


we wish you well devin

my brilliant man takes the GMAT today. a lot is resting on this test-but we are glad to know we have someone perfect to help carry the weight. go get em tiger

Side note: President Hinckely said, "Women are endowed with particular qualities, divine qualities, which cause them to reach out in kindness and with love to those about them. We can encourage that outreach if we will give them opportunity to give expression to the talents and impulses that lie within them. In our old age my beloved companion said to me quietly one evening, 'You have always given me wings to fly and I have loved you for it.' "
Devin has been particularly exceptional at giving me wings to fly. I hope to do the same for him.


best of san fran ferdinand

in a nutshell here are some highlights of the past six weeks of our life.
here is some fun at yosemite national park. we took a weekend and drove out to visit for devins birthday.
we jumped in at the top of the waterfall and if devins face doesnt show you-- it was freeeeeezing.
at the top of mist trail, mt vernal

the beach on devins birthday

lombard street: the curviest street in the world.

oakland temple with misty and danielle. i feel like being in the temple with friends puts your relationship at a whole new level.

when my parents came out one of the best memories was visiting my mothers grandparents house. they lived in the sunset district right by the ocean in san francisco for many years. my great grandfather was born 100 years before i was to the day:april 26, 1888! he is a special man to me. here is his house
another treat was having my father come see me dance. i get emotional knowing that he cares to support me that much. he couldnt get enough camera time of the ocean.
and dear bev- she is the best mother, and my biggest fan.

i fell in love with the pacific heights houses in san fran. such lovely homes that line the ocean.
here is summer, the one teaching class in sandals:)
we made the best of friends and met the nicest of people

for the fourth of july we flew kites on the beach(yes that is a barbie kite:)
we attended the annual barbeque(or shall i say gourmet dinner with salmon and artichokes) on the fourth of july at summer's house on a vineyard in napa california.
here is the lovely hostess.

here is to you san fran- we'll miss you