top ten highlights of tour sans photos

1. staying in the homes of incredibly unique and diverse members across the states
2. getting to look into a beehive with the head mask on and everything, and even better getting some homemade honey- gosh people are nice.
3. minneapolis--- everything about it: i found a new love with that city
4. butterflies on the ferris wheel at navy pier in chicago
5. watching the elementary kids giggle and squeal as we teach and perform for them, priceless
6. makin up silly dances in the back of a greyhound bus
7. changing time zones five times in two days;)
8. water aerobics and synchronized swimming in the pool
9. finding two new plates for nebraska and minnesota for my collection
10. getting to write a lot in my journal about devin
11. being frugal: not buying things is becoming more satisfactory than buying them
12. seeing wrigley field and the notre dame campus: that's for you bryon
13. the feeling of sending your love a postcard
14. winter quarters. squishing people in bunkbeds. pulling handcarts. temple. period.
the miraculous feeling of, "this is where i'm meant to be" and meeting people you know you are ' supposed' to meet
15. taking class at the joffrey ballet
16. phone calls with devin
17. best inspirations for home decor in des moines, random, minniapolis and old houses.
18. learning so much- what a blessed experience
so i went a little over 10- woopsies

with all those positives there is one drawback: i miss devin just a little bit;)
if we go by the best outta three rule, we've just won today because two weeks are gone and only one left!
hope you are all well. miss you