dear mom

i've been counting down to this day for many months now. my due date is today, and it will pass with a couple of hours probably uneventfully. i don't know when my dearest girl will make her entrance but as i prepare to be a mother to a daughter of my very own i wanted to write you a faraway note to tell you what being your daughter has meant to me.
my college graduation 2010

-being your daughter has taught me humility. you're as noble as they come yet have the common touch.
-being your daughter has taught me to hum while i'm at home and bounce while i brush my teeth.
-being your daughter has taught me to always leave an empty sink overnight.
-being your daughter gave me confidence cause you were always there, except for that one time you weren't home when i got home from school and i cried. remember?
-being your daughter pushed me to be my best self because that's what you did.
-being your daughter exposed me to brilliant art. i hope this girl will be an artist like the three mothers who went before her were.
-being your daughter planted in me faith. i will never lose the image of you reading your scriptures or praying.
-being your daughter is the most encouraging thing i can cling to as i think about welcoming this baby girl. i don't know what i'm doing but i can remember the things you did for me and work my guts out to do them for her.
-being your daughter doesn't mean that i have mastered how to keep an immaculate house, or how to always drive the speed limit, or how to whip out quick witted one liners, or how to give brilliant lessons, or how to do whatever God asks of you--- like you do all of those things --- but i hope someday because i am your daughter i will be able to do all those things. i hope by being your daughter i can make you proud to be my mother. i promise to tell this little angel girl who is coming our way just what it means to me to be your daughter- you're far away but she'll know you. i promise. i'm clinging to your words you wrote to me over two years ago, "i'll be at your side in my heart."

love, your daughter.