i collect plates.
instead of having a perfect china collection when i'm still short, grey, fat, and probably balding-i have a dream to one day have a collection of perfectly mismatched plates from places i've been to all over the world. so far we have sweden and germany. i know its kinda cliche to buy it from a national chain, but i'm thinking of getting one of these from anthro to count as my Boston plate.

my short hair

Some friends who only know me with longer hair couldn't picture me with short hair-what i've had for the majority of my life. Here are some not so everyday shots, all i had, nonetheless proof.


Ode to Kathleen Kelly

To a best friend who is 36 hours and 11 min away by car, and 2375.41 miles( i guessed on the address and map quest saved me) HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY KATE. Wish I was there to be with ya

gentle nudges

Yesterday I was kindly reminded that when I cry my right cheek runs the spectrum of hues from red to purple due to an accident last year involving my eye and a rollerblade that left some remaining permanent nerve damage. Apparently dead nerves dont like it when people cry. The fact i can see is a daily reminder of my tender mercies, that God lives and cares for us by giving us trials that test our faith and help us to grow. I couldn't see (no pun intended) how the Lord would shape my path by going through this strange experience-but that's how he wanted me to learn to trust him. We recieve no witness until after the trial of our faith. ....year old pic


reachin high

Devin's recent incentive for me to change my late night habits and get out of bed at 6:50 equals some shopping here.

Our hankerin to experience this together(me for the first time) means hitting high goals at work and school during this hard summer to play later. Any inspirational quotes appreciated:)