Choose This Day

today had the potential to be a little frightening, and still could be, but i listened to a glimpse of elder eyring's prophetic vision Choose This Day and i feel calmed. my testimony one drop fuller. one day everything can be falling into place and the next it can be such a test. its hard to not let my emotions ride with how the day may pan out. its harder to listen to what the lord wants me to learn from the good days and the bad.

i am grateful for the tests; for keys that fall when your hands are full and your racing to the car, paint colors that just don't match, for weakness that draw me toward the source of all strength, for counting down the days till something expected happens and never knowing if it will come, for naggings in the back of your head or heart that want you to do something and the feeling you get when you don't listen, for having to choose between two goods, for wanting to be somewhere you cant, for falling short, for dead pens, for the need to 'develop maturity to stop trying to prove something and learn to be content with what you are'(marjorie pay hinckley), for doing the same thing over and over and getting the same undesirable results, and for red eyes. i am grateful for the bad because hopefully i can learn. hopefully my hope will overpower the shortcomings. hopefully i can see the inherent good in my life that should be or isn't comparable to others.

i am also grateful for the good. for bluebirds, for rainbows, for help, for smiling professors and jittery dogs, for macaroni and cheese, for my dads generosity and my moms spunk, for time alone in a car everyday to speak with my maker, for things that are sweeter than sugar, for saving a buck or two, for fostering relationships with honorary people, for lofas and sofas, for newly gained little brothers and sisters, for sympathy from someone who knows, for word from or sight of a long lost friend, for a body that makes me one step closer to being like god, for the nephi's faith and ability to receive revelation, for a hug that you don't want to release, for mommer and papa, for friends who are smarter than you, for a man that follows your heart, for dark mornings, for that post service feeling, for being creatively inspired, for dropping interest rates, for a heart that can feel sheer adoration, for counsel that works and promises that are fulfilled....