hot sauce in his chili

the other day i found this poem at my sister's house. the sweet author is a wise woman in devin's childhood neighborhood. i distinctly remember reading this poem and thinking about it for over and over afterward. 

food for thought-by mary kay sorenson

food prepared without some spice
can be tasteless, and not caring
it doesn't hurt to spice things up
and be a little daring.

a little cloves or nutmeg in your soup
may seem quite silly
or why not try some ginger
or some cajun in your chili.

a marriage needs to have some spice
a little change and daring
a lot of thoughtfulness each day
and an awfully lot of caring

a love note hidden in his socks
may seem a little silly
but it will pay more dividends 
than hot sauce in his chili

now that i have been married four years (what!) it's the daring and caring things that make marriage magical.

oh and one last quote from a marriage article in this month's ensign:
"My all-time favorite short piece of counsel on marriage came from President Gordon B. Hinckley, who shared this important key to a great marriage: “A happy marriage is not so much a matter of romance as it is an anxious concern for the comfort and well-being of one’s companion.” If you want a happy marriage, do what happily married couples do."

three cheers for marriage: the institution that has taught me the most about myself, the challenge that has stretched me the most, the blessing that has deepened any joy i had previously known.


i just want to say one thing: it is all worth it for this

cope has been popping in teeth lately.

and chewing on everything in sight

and sitting up all on his own

 and rolling around all over the place

and bouncing in daddy's old door hanging jumper

and being so completely adorable that our hearts could burst.
yes, this is worth anything. oh so worth it.
pictures from my beloved instagram