fused ankle

six months after shattering his ankle devin finally got his subtalar joint fused this past week. he has two screws through his joint now, and in the next little while the two bones will heal over the screws and fuse together. this is supposed to take away the pain while maintaining mobility. we are hopeful it will be a good thing in the long run. 
i've always been the one in surgery. this was my first time on the other side. waiting for your loved one is no fun. gratefully i had cope to hug and squeeze. we tried to make the best of our many long hours waiting in the hospital before, during, and after the surgery...

three good ankles, one bad one.

 thank heavens for modern medicine, OR rooms, pain killers, kind nurses, insurance, days off work, exceptional surgeons, amazing bodies, dinners from family, and prayers of loved ones. here's to ten quick healing weeks of crutches, knee scooters, hopping around, and three casts. you're a trooper dev.