take me out to the ball game

just as a disclaimer this is devin posting not mare, so if it seems different my apologies.

we had the opportunity to go see a sf giants game at at&t park, or a baseball game if that's easier. i speak for mare too when i say that it was a blast! the main reason for this was because we got FREE BOX TICKETS. it was a first time in a box for the both of us, and there is no better way to go. at&t park is located right on the ocean (which you can see in the third pic below) in downtown san francisco. we lost, but needless to say, it was a good first time experience.


when i think of san fran i think of:

LONG days full of beyond marvelous dancing.
sore muscles.
train rides into the city with devin.
and missing trains.
bums and hobos on the street.
story-book colored houses.
Becca Henderson. period.
rainbow flags.
the Lefrandts and eating a whole carrot cake together.
brown sugar with ginger caramel swirl ice cream at bi-rite...highly recommended.
dolores park
the beach...we hope to fly kites there soon.
oakland temple in all its glory. and it is glorious.
spreading the good news of the gospel.


that red tie

i still remember what devin was wearing the day he walked across the chapel room and i got a crazy feeling, fell head over heels in love with him, and was smitten. it happened to be this exact outfit + a suitcoat. it still gets to me. and adding an ocean view that is just a stone throw away from our place makes it even better.

ps. it was this past weekend that convinced us that we like it here- more to come.