my daddy read this story to our family the day he told us about his call to serve. 

Quoting Heber C. Kimball, "September 14th, [1839], President Brigham Young left his home at Montrose to start on the mission to England. He was so sick that he was unable to go to the Mississippi [River], a distance of thirty rods, without assistance. After he had crossed the river he rode behind Israel Barlow on his horse to my house, where he continued sick until the 18th. He left his wife sick with a babe only three weeks old, and all his other children were sick and unable to wait upon each other. Not one soul of them was able to go to the well for a pail of water, and they were without a second suit to their backs, for the mob in Missouri had taken nearly all he had. On the 17th, Sister Mary Ann Young got a boy to carry her up in his wagon to my house, that she might nurse and comfort Brother Brigham" (quoted in Life of Heber C. Kimball, 265).

Heber C. Kimball's family were also ill. Charles Hubbard sent his boy with a team and wagon to help them on their way. Elder Kimball records: "It appeared to me as though my very inmost parts would melt within me at leaving my family in such a condition, as it were almost in the arms of death. I felt as though I could not endure it. I asked the teamster to stop, and said to Brother Brigham, 'This is pretty tough, isn't it; let's rise up and give them a cheer.' We arose, and swinging our hats three times over our heads, shouted: 'Hurrah, hurrah for Israel .' " Sister Young and Sister Kimball came to the door and waved a farewell which gave Brother Brigham and Brother Heber much comfort as they continued "without purse or scrip" towards England. (See Life of Heber C. Kimball, 265–66.)

hurrah for israel has kinda been a theme for their mission.

now any time cope puts his hands above his head, i can't help but say HURRAH!


little drummer boy

the hardest part about motherhood for me so far has been sleep. starting right around when devin went to china, cope began only sleeping for 30 minutes during the day and nighttime is also pretty rough. sleep deprivation does not lend itself to my most patient or beautiful side.
before i was mother, i thought my children would be well behaved. like, if someone told me their baby only slept for 30 minutes i would've probably thought my kids won't be like that if i have anything to do with it.
i've since learned sometimes kiddos beat to their own drum. and what i've noticed from my 9 weeks of parenting, is that how we deal with their different beating is what stretches us most. it's painful, but thank heavens children teach us so much about ourselves. how did i ever improve without this little tyke?

ps. i must've forgot to mention the whole reason i'm writing this post is because for the first time in 5 weeks cope has been asleep for over two whole hours. i've gone in to check on him over and over to make sure he's still breathing. he still is. breathing and sleeping. i may just die it's such a blessed day!


two months today

unbelievable how time speeds up with age. faster and faster the days go. the first month of cope's life i didn't really soak up, due to the fact that i felt like i was sleep walking in an alien body. but this past month has been glorious. i can't squeeze him enough. can't hold hands with him enough. can't take enough pictures. can't spend enough time trying to make him smile. can't believe this is my fulfilling life. 


horse and buggy

every night at bedtime my mother 'rocked' and sang to each of her children. first we rocked on a wood rocking chair, then upgraded to a blue lazy boy. we only had a few songs before it was the next sibling's turn. some were religious songs, others not. that cherished alone time with mom at the close of day was a prized ritual at our house. who wouldn't love being sung to in mom's arms? when i found out that my mom wouldn't be around as i raised my own little one, i had her email me a bunch of the non-religious songs she sang to us, so i wouldn't forget them. what a treasure i have in those songs! i'm not sure where my mom learned all of these songs, undoubtedly her mother sang some of them to her. it's magical to think that what i sing to my dear cope links my beloved mother to us and who knows how many mothers before her:)

this is one of those non-religious songs i grew up and with and is a favorite of ours. my favorite part is how much cope resembles a coach driver with my hair in his hands resembling the reins of horse. i don't even care about my silly singing voice.

Untitled from marilee killpack on Vimeo.


curled toes, skinny neck, big smile

it is always changing but this is my new favorite picture of our little man.