toe + jammin days

i'm not talking about foot tappin toe jammin music. this just has to do with jam + toes, literally.
do you ever have one of those days when you're trying to be a perfect little wife and make a hearty pbandj for your husband and somehow a drop jam falls perfectly on your toe? you wonder why me, why did it have to fall and land exactly on my toe?

that has happened to me quite frequently lately. but today it was more than a toe + some jam. i wanted to be a great visiting teacher and make some homemade banana bread. after takin an extra trip to the store for last minute ingredients, two hours in the kitchen, and the first of two batches comin out a little small, the buzzer for the second went off. i opened the oven, take it out, and go to remove it from the pan. apparently it was a little undercooked because it spilled EEEEVerywhere.amid the horrid clean up, and one ripped hot pad later...

I began to think back to the toe + jammin experience. there are days when you drop your perfectly made cereal while running to the car, or sleep in for a work meeting, and somehow, even thought it may appear that all the cosmos are aligned and have it made for your utter destruction, even with all that you still can smile. you still can laugh. and with the help of Divine Providence you can think, "how great that i am alive and have jam that could hit my perfectly functioning toe." (intended to sound bafflingly grateful, not sardonic.)

isn't that kind of remarkable? i know it is for me. i had a harder time smiling with this last banana bread experience but i was praying the smile would come. and it did-


dead body but alive spirits

i am not

but alive in peace.
just a little overwhelmed by school and apartment such.
hope to be back soon