you thought that was the end!

When you see this in your bathroom sinkyou may want to do this

After I did that I did this(called Sierra over)

So she could do this! Thank you.

Take a look

knock and run

Some of our friends out here left, and came back. With not much to do on a rainy days, this is how we entertain ourselves

Now Sierra made these little devils. luckily, I got some before we gave them away.

Rained on note.. harumph

Good work eh? I hope to never grow out of doorbell ditching. Few things are so exhilarating!


cool runnings

wanted you to know, i, marilee jean killpack, am running a 5k on saturday.... unbelievable to me too. say your prayers and i'll keep you posted.

yust for fun....copyright nacho

a peek at some boston maniacs!


I took a class last semester at BYU that changed my finicial life-and thus affecting my whole life. It was a business leader entrepreneurship class. The theme was centered around getting out of the finicial rat race that America is stuck in: get up, work, spend, sleep. get up, work more so u can spend more, sleep etc, but never being satisfied. ie 'spending your money for that which is of no worth.' He taught us how to be free of the burden of always working for more money by living simply. Once free, you can truly use all your time to serve(He is retired at 45 and lecturers all around). He termed this kind living as "Waldenesque." Walden is a pond where Henry David Thoreau went and lived for 2 years. After doing so, he wrote and titled a book after it. Luckily Walden pond is 15 minutes away from us. I got to see this dream of mine! It was so inspirational for Devin and I.

The entrance to the 44o acres of state preservation

cute gift shop

There is a beach, fully equipped with lifeguards, sand, and buoys. Where is my swimsuit when I need it?

Crazy people in wetsuits swimming the entire pond! It was freezing too.

So simple, and profound.

The view from where Thoreau lived

He lived in little hut this big, on this location. I wanna live Waldenesque, but man, thats too much for me. Hope this inspired some of you to live a little more simply as it did Devin and I.

Dowtown B

Two Saturdays ago we took the trek down to the heart of the city Boston. For me it was a first. We took the train into the city. There is a very famous tourist attraction called The Freedom Trail. It is a mile-and-a-half long red line painted thru the city that takes you past tons of historical sites. It starts in the Boston Commons, a lovely park.

Here the trail begins: Yipee!
These are the gals I call family for a summer. LtoR CharLee Carn, Sierra Prina, Rebecca Lowe, Edna Porter. This is the lovely Massechusettes State House. Plated with real gold.... not.

One strong steel donkey holding too many people.

Look at these crazy girls, I love em! This is just a corner fruit stand but we found a great saturday flea market full of scrumptious cheap fruit.

Sierra and I were walking and taking pictures-thus the blur.

If you can read this picture found in pavement outside it reads; School St. Boston. Site of the oldest public school in the United States. Founded in 1675! Wooie

I forgot why this statue was imporant(typical american tourism) because I read the sign about the sculptor. So here is a picture with of us by sculpture created by a Danish man. Devin would be proud. ps....take note of who Kyler is lookin at

Ride Ride let the truth be known, Ride like Paul Revere. That was a favorite song we sang in 3rd grade. Here's his famous house. We had already eaten so we didn't even go in, we just wanted to go home. A long trip but worth it.

Here is the restuaraunt we found as we strayed from the straight and narrow Freedom Trail into little italy for FOOD. We opted the 3 dollar pizza rather than 28 dollar plates, but I'll have to try it out just to say i did.