well darling eve has tagged me and i am to list six random facts about myself- bottoms up!

i get anxiety attacks when i am late to things, but that still doesn't prevent me from being late.
four years out of twenty i've had a cast on for my birthday.
yesterday at the grocery store devin suggested i get semi sweet chocolate chips to which i replied, "over my dead body." (bad of me, i could've been nicer) when it comes to sweets price doesn't matter as much as taste.
i want to learn to invest in the stock market. one day i'd like to have a snazzy portfoio of my own.
confrontation and i are not friends. i avoid her at all costs.
i met this woman once on an airplane that was knitting the last few rowes of a blanket that she gave to me upon completion. it is in my living room to this day.
nothing stresses me out more than choreographing.

off to you becca, lindsey, and courtney