lake tahoe done right.

once upon a time we went to lake tahoe on our honeymoon. it was a lovely honeymoon, but it had its rough spots along the way. let me share:
as opposed to being right on the lake with breathtaking views like we had thought it would be, the timeshare we were staying at was actually in reno NV-my cousin calls it the armpit of the world. it was pretty ghetto. there was no shuttle from the airport(it was very decieving online) and we didnt want to rent a car (devin was one year short of being old enough to pay the normal fee) so we took a taxi and were stuck in our hotel for five days- not a bad sentence for two lovebird honeymooners.
but almost a year and a half later we went back to tahoe in the summer and saw the real deal.
here is proof:
we stayed right on the lake, and got to use our new camping gear.
we made scary faces in the dark, and played bananagrams on our sleeping bags.
life is good.

ps. on our honeymoon we did pay the extra 100 dollars on the last day to rent a car, went up to squaw valley, made a candle, ate out for the first time(we walked to the nearest grocery store in reno and made food in our little kitchen for the first 4 days) and went ice-skating at the top of a peak at the ski resort.
it was a dreamy honeymoon, regardless of our funny circumstance. and we are still in love.