just back from the big

. this time for Devin's first time. it was a blast but i'm feeling blogger's block and not wanting to upload millions of pics. nothing like the city!

miss vs won't

i leave here so soon and i decided to list some things about this place i'll miss:
-the fact that devin and i are all we got out here. the commandment to cleave to each other has really blessed us.
-the beauty of back east, trrrrrees galore, and ponds at your every turn, huge glorious city of boston just minutes away.
-the people. i adore the friendships i've made, i love the diversity of people and accents. -our ward. bishop macheknie is amazing. our ward has people from harvard and mit, sunday school is so insightful.
-sight seeing to many historic places that all seem to be just a few minutes away. -public transportation. utah needs to step up.
-having anthro only 15 minutes away.
-humidity. my hair gives into its natural man=lovely curls.
-a swimming pool and gym for free.
-the rush of getting by with so little and realizing that you dont need all that you think you do.

things i won't miss:
-devin working 65+ hours a week, all of which start after 12.00 pm
-not eating dinner with devin, or if i do, shame on me cause its at 10.30 pm
-rainy summers
-humidity. straight hair is ruined the second you walk outside, and dish towel turn sour by the end of the day.
-not having all of our stuff. its hard to believe that i have more clothes than the 2 weeks of outfits that i cycle through out here, and yet so exciting at the same time.
-expensive price of gas and food out when living in a city. i wont complain again about the fact that devin and i can eat dinner at byu for less than 7 bucks.
-this apartment that feels like dungeon by the forest sometimes= no light, and very scary at night.
-using a vacuum box as a computer desk, blank white walls, orange couches.
-being away from family and utah.

i cant tell if i'm more excited to come home or more sad to leave. devin and i have felt so blessed to have been here either way.


a picture is worth 1000 words so

lets let them do the talking. welcome to portland maine:

tak sa mycket

means thanks so much in swedish, and i wanna say that to those who helped with curtain girl's stresses. all of your ideas helped. i bought two curtains and devin, the handyman, is going to build the canopy for me. i completely trust him and i'll let you know how it turns out.


dear anyone more crafty than me-

i found this lovely room above at anthro and the curtain-used-as-a-canopy-look got me thinking. my bedspread, with the plate, is yellow and white- and this yellow and white curtain is on sale at anthro for 29.90! when do you find things that cheap at anthro? I'm thinking of trying out this look. but tell me please, what sort of contraption could i make or buy cheaply to create that canopy look??? do you think i can achieve that same idea with just one curtain?
uncrafty curtain girl

best breakfast

i am a big breakfast gal. here is my favorite of late:

zap it for 3.30 let sit for one minute

add any stonyfield farm yogurt. it's pricey but has great benefits. (Dannon's light and fit are cheaper with less calories but dont have the 6 live active cultures that stonyfield does.)

add frozen berries and voila= healthy goodness.



lauren actually paid attention in school-and she figured out its called a limerick, done like so:

Hickere, Dickere Dock,
A Mouse ran up the Clock,
The Clock Struck One,
The Mouse fell down,
And Hickere Dickere Dock.

make up one at leave it as a comment. hasta-

another plate to add to my granny collection

i once found a great plate in maine
with very little money or pain.
now three out of eight
i'm still hunting for plates.
i once found a great plate in maine.

some of you smarties out there need to tell me what kind of poem that is- it has a name, but i dont wanna take the time to google it to find out what it is. thanks