hike adam's canyon

if you live in utah, you should hike adam's canyon before you die.
i'm pregnant and i could do the hike.
it can barely even be called a hike.
it's more like trail walking:)

dev's brother nate came up for the weekend with russo.
at the first sight of good weather we headed for the hike, trail walk.

you can see for miles. and until i moved to davis county and hiked adam's canyon, i never appreciated how big the great salt lake really is. massive.

i love being in nature. like pocahontas i love seeing what's around the river bend. i love the wind and the views. i love feeling completely separated from the cares of life.

we have big hopes of not letting this little guy keep us from roaming the earth this summer. you know, camping and hiking and such. we'll see how that goes.

next hike for the year: timp. i've lived in utah my whole life and never done it. this body post baby is doing it. anybody care to join me?


today i tried on at least five different outfits before one would finally zip up.

i know not everyone is this way, but i must be grateful.
in general my pregnancy has been fairly easy.
i love that i fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow which is polar opposite of before.
i love when the little tyke gets hiccups.
i love that i feel well enough to do most of my normal routine without discomfort.
i love having extra motivation to eat salads everyday for lunch.
i love the pathetic excuse to eat for two and sometimes i use it.
i love when devin gets a big grin from feeling that babe move like crazy.
i love looking at nursery designs and fantasizing.
i love that i am a part of something miraculous.

few things have been difficult and i can't complain especially when i know how awful some people feel.
but things have been strange, as i go through this complete metamorphis.
it's strange that my tummy feels soooo crammed after a meal.
it's strange when people stare at your tummy. yes, i am pregnant.
it's strange when you get winded from laying on your back for too long, or tying your shoes.
it's strange that i have diapers sitting in my house.
it's strange how quickly it has passed, and how soon it will be through.


51 days to go.
pictures from our family reunion.


journaling is like losing wieght: unless you see progress it's hard to keep going

today i finished a journal (the old ratty one in the back). this is probably one of my most treasured journals.

every journal is marvelous, but this one is particularly spectacular. i've gone to its pages more humbled in the past seven months than ever before. i've spilled my hopes and dreams, prayers and pleadings, failures and successes, heartaches and joys, and hopefully some of it is descipherable in that special book. hopefully i will glance back every now and then so i don't have to take repeat lessons. hopefully i'm learning something here.