what is it in me that refuses to post things when they really occur? i tend to put off big posts and when i finally do them, upload millions of pictures and write absolutely nothing about them . i'll try to do better.

a new city fave thanks to naomi

the GANG, not in chronological order:

a tailored suit shop with 1000 dollar suits

i've never been to the upper east side chapel but its pretty and terrific

kickin off the shoes

of course we ran into a flea market

we had a lovely hotel

our boys fell asleep at anthro. apparently we had spent toooo much time there.
boys being boys

and girls will be girls

the LLOYD's:

may i plagiarize and use the witty words of the lovely eve lloyd. and i quote, "Matt and Devin had never been to New York and we're broken in quickly. The first things they experienced were Matt struggling to get his metro card to work and when it finally did almost falling over when the subway started and accidentally decking this woman in the face in the process, followed by seeing a bum with his pants down pooping on the side of the road and wiping with newspaper." comical to say the least.

US!!!! with the 5-AM-just-off-a-3-hour-bus-ride-look

lincoln center chapel and temple

central park and times square

shack burgering and lovin it

one of my favorite places in the city

rockefeller square

NYCDA anyone?

can't say no sundae is my one true lust.

we couldn't pass up the sensational serendip!

this picture is hilarious. first, my mouth is full of food. classic. second, devin's food came late. i promise i didn't just eat half of mine before he had time to take one bite!

reasons why i love devin: faces like these

and moves like that. irresistible.

last but not least, my ny plate.
the trip was practically perfect in every way. good eats, good company, good city. and this is why i don't caption every pic, because two hours later you wonder what you've done with your day. signing off


cryin almost

I once watched olympics at 12.45 am and got chills and nerves and butterflies all at once. i once wondered who could win. i once didn't know if i trusted the judgis(said in the accent of cat deeley). i once wanted to turn off the tv to avoid viewing the results so as to forever rely on my own opinion of who should be gold medalist.




but of course i once didnt...



or wont:)

crossies count please for this one

some ambition

+ some random ingredients: applesauce(better with apple cider) agave nectar, honey, organic pb, mexican banilla:), oats,

+ some creativity, patience, and stirring

+four pans of granola to use on yogurt, hot in the morning with soymilk, or as a little snack

= happy marilee


after a long wait

and my life saving's spent, i finally got the callogen lip implants i've been dying to have!!!!

Yeah Right!!! this is a joke! i woke up, hence the horrific morning look, with a bad case of hives and everything on my body was swollen, most obviously my lips. too funny to not share.