Fainting Spell

I had my first exposure to fainting today. We we're visiting the Boston Temple. It is always a breathtaking experience to visit a new temple. We live just a few miles away, and with the first sunny morning in a few days we wanted to go. While there I noticed I started getting shaky. Within the course of less than one minute the following dialogue whipped around in my head:
"Did I eat breakfast this morning?"
"Of course. I never skip any meal."
"Do I just have a headache?"
"Maybe, but I'm feeling really woozy and it's pretty sudden."
"Whoa, I think I'm fainting"
"Could be, but just keep your head up, don't let it bob or people will be scared for you, and finish what you're doing!"
"But my head is too heavy, and everything is starting to turn black, and I need people to be scared for me cause I think I'm dying!! oh my dear, This is what dying is! I didn't getta say goodbye."
"Well I'm holding my sweetheart's hand, I'll just squeeze it as my final I love you"
"Wussy squeeze but I think he noticed. Oh it's too dark to tell!"
"Is my head still on my neck? I'm certain I just bobbed, I couldn't help it. Or maybe I died." "Well, no where better to go than the temple."
hahahah. I didn't die, or faint, but had it been a few more seconds I probably would have. I must've been saved by an angel, cause I thought I was a gonner. Devin was right there and helped me to a chair passing by a mirror. Man, I know I'm naturally pale, but no joke, I was white. It was horrifying, but I lived to tell this funny story. Kudos to anyone who has fainted. And thanks to the temple for the saltines and box of apple juice- I owe ya!

The Dilemma

Our last apartment was pretty furnished, so we didn't have to buy simple things like bath curtains. Coming out here we did-so I bought this shower curtain at Bed Bath simply because we have gift cards there. I like how unique the color is, and was hoping to spruce things up with the towels etc. Thats where my sticky situation comes. Either towels dont match, have hideous patterns, or are too expensive. Luckily we found a bath mat that will work well. Advise please-

The blue bath mat at the bottom of the pile, we're keeping, But what about the blue towel? Its kinda clashy,a little to grey, in color, and I think it's overkill on the blue.

Found these sweet towels at Target. grey and lighter grey, with classic brocade designs-LOVELY. Do I need to tie them together more? Any decorators out there that know of sweet towel hanging designs? I'd love to learn.

Tribute to Lovell (sweet name right?)

Precious Lovell Killpack celebrated his 83rd year yesterday! He is Devin's Grandfather and one of the greatest men I've met; one of those gentle giants you know? When I searced for a picture of him on the internet this website came up. http://www.byhigh.org/Alumni_K_to_O/Killpack-Lovell/PearlHarbor.html It was really informative, and I learned lots about him. Good reading if you know the man. Plus how handsome is he at 18? We love you Grandpa

1 down!

Story here? well, Devin made his first sale, on his first day out. Quite the accomplishment!

Could he be happier? That's about as happy as they come.

TJUGO (swedish for twenty)

my findings at H&M

Gotta get a close up of those funfetti dots-they're everybody's favorite

Furnished apartments dont have candles- go figures...?

I still blew em out!

I'm two decades old, and on to the roaring twenties of my life. Dev and I celebrated last Saturday. We took it easy in the morning, we had just taken a red-eye the night before, and went to get some essentials for the apartment like toilet paper and garbage cans. Then we headed off, with our sweet gps system as navigator, to down town Boston. Devin let me choose what to do, so we went to a mall and visited a favorite clothing store H&M, its swedish devin informed me. It's a good thing they didn't have the best selection or that could've been more dangerous than it was. He then took me to AU BON PAIN, a french deli that I fell in love with from the New York days. Then we came home and made only the best-funfetti cake! yum. A landmark day.


silly comcast man

... I think I broke my computer. Or the comcast man did. He came over to install our internet and cable, and ever after my internet won't load. Funny thing is, he didn't even touch my computer- ha. Must've been something in the air. I'm using Devin's and it works fine with two exceptions: he doesn't have itunes, a quiet apartment all day gets boring quick, and second I can't upgrade pics from my camera-the program isn't installed. I'll turn on my computer suave skills and see if i don't have results by the end of tonight. Love ya


We found a better way to post pics

The front room.

Our entrance to the place



Sunday: So we went to church today for our first time here and it was simply a marvelous experience. We are in the Weston 2nd Ward, which is apparently the biggest ward in the Massachussets Boston Mission boundary...which is saying quite a bit. Among the many people we met, we ran into Brandon Hicks (graduated a year or two before Lindsey, whose family used to be in the stake), Elder Spenser Redford who graduated in Marilee's class, and Jessica Pechin something (new married last name) who graduated in my class. Oh, and one of the Mission President's Counselors is in the ward, and he served with Tom Carn way back when. It was a great experience and we were welcomed warmly by the Presidencies, members, and the Bishopric. There are many younger couples in our ward, some with kids and some without. It seems like a great place for us to be and we really do feel welcome. It seems like more than just a ward to attend for the summer, it is a ward family that we have just become a part of.
Anyways, we're just here in our little cosy apartment that looks directly into a cute little forest with an enchanted little lake on the other side. Come to find out, besides all of the Apx guys and here living at our comples, there are three other families in the ward living in this 7000 apartment complex, and we even live pretty close to the missionaries, and Mission Counselor. What a great location.
Anyways, hope you all enjoy this information! We look forward to keeping our blog very up to date to feel closer than we were geographically a week ago.
We Love You All!