...i wish i had the self control to be a vegan, the money to buy fancy food, and a husband who loved the idea(he loves eating healthy, but he also loves his manly meat.) maybe one day i will. but in the meantime i spent over a half hour looking at this blog before lunch.
marian, a dear sister of a friend from high school, and her sisters began a blog to share all their marvelously healthy things. i have always wanted to be like them. here is my public attempt.

doesnt this chocolate cake look too good to be healthy?

i think i'll have one of these for lunch

they even have date squares for you bec:)

now it is time to go eat. cooking skills here i come.


my hunt

i'm so interested in polaroid cameras, but before i make the plunge from digital to film i wanted advice from someone who knows.
are holgas the best value polaroid to buy? they have them at urban o, so i don't know of other options.
are they hard to get the hang of?

a few things i love about polas:
square pics are better than rectangles
the fuzzy edges
its plastic
the informality and unpredictablity of the pics
the rad camera color options
they are on sale at urban o.

a few things i dont know that i will love
remembering to take off the lens cap- i'm sure i'll get far too many black pics
paying for film

ps... i'm obsessed with these pictures of venice taken with a holga

pps... if you have any camera knowledge please help out!