winter hats

here we come christmas! we are all giddy here.
i hope yours is very merry.




1461 days of happiness

that's four years. today.
where does time go?


one year ago today...

...we were in bruge, belgium with russo.
getting ready to surprise family and come home for christmas.
i was pregnant.
it was such a thrilling time. we had no idea what good things were in store.
 but at the moment, life was pretty. life was good. 
still is.
but this time of year does make me miss belgium, just a little bit. all the good blurs out the bad and i find myself want to go back in time. i miss the magical markets with seemingly endless stalls selling trinkets, cured meat, and warm goodies. i miss the creative stringing of lights. i miss the huge town squares swarming with people unafraid to walk forever in the cold. i miss ice skating with a bunch of seven year olds and not caring. i miss ward christmas feasts after church and watching the first presidency christmas devotional for sacrament meeting. i miss our salt of the earth friends we made who taught me so much about reaching out to others. i miss the sudden blizzards, and maybe even the bone piercing temperatures. of course i miss the shopping and nutella covered waffles. there is such an urgency to explore the newness of it all that isn't present with my familiar life in utah. that is what i miss most and hope i can recreate every day.
but like i said, life is still good. thousands of times better than then.

 thanking my lucky stars for that great growing experience.