devin surprised me with a real polaroid camera the day before we left to europe. it was a deal and i've wanted to have polaroids adorn my house for some time now. it was perfect to get one before europe cause what better than to have polaroids of euro.

pic uno was soooooo exciting: devin showed me his newly finished chair, and we used the camera for the first time. i love how much giddiness it brings back.

pic dos we took in amsterdam. we brought the monster camera to europe and two rolls of film. we reasoned about 2-3 pics in each country. i was always asking devin if he thought each place would be a good shot for the polaroid. we found this old cobweb-ed bike on the side of the canal, the sun was setting. it was perfecto, we both knew this was the shot.

regretfully we must've bonked the camera around in our packs, and it stopped working for a sec. we reloaded the second roll and must've done it incorrectly. whatever the case, we have no more polaroids to document our travels abroad. sigh.

aren't you loving the weather? i wore a skirt sans leggins yesterday and today i have on my great grandmother's perfume. roses. yumm. life is good. happy saint pats!