going along with this golf theme...

I have the hardest time planning surprises because I cant hide secrets well. But I threw Devin a surprise party at our place last Sunday for his birthday soon coming up. I got the brilliant idea from Devin's cousin, Courtney Killpack, to throw Devin a golf party, have a putting course, and make a golf cake. It was greatCakes like this one I found were my inspiration. But after coming back to reality-who can really make a round cake?- We did some crazy planning, lots of trips to the store, and all the help of Sierra and John, I'm proud of what we came up with.just a bunch of dyed coconut, mini cupcakes, and loads of frosting

our wannabe round golf balls and sweet golf cart made by John Prina

Blowin out the candle! Devin will be 24 on June 25
Thanks to everyone who made this party great!

gone golfin

Yesterday, Mark Burroughs and his wife Leo, took Devin to hit a bucket of balls at the range thats less than a mile away. I forgot how much I love golf, how far Devin can hit that tiny ball, and how cute old people are that play golf. I hope to catch my mom's genes-she's team captain of her league. hip hip hooray.

so cute and happy when he is golfing

the difference between good(above)and bad(below).

Leo and I

cute little Eko learning to golf from his dad Mark