take home chronicles: cobblestone

devin's achilles heel (second after me of course) is european cobblestone. it is not unusual to see him in the middle of a busy square hunched over, mesmerized, and wanting to memorize that perplexing pattern. once he got his chapstick out and was taking pictures to get the dimensions right and was in the way of almost everyone, and i especially loved belonging to him at that moment-i also wished i had another camera to capture it. he has been known to stop the car in the middle of the road to try and pry a loose rock free. he hasn't succeeded yet, but our trunk does have three cobble stones in it from a construction site. so endearing, but so not coming back in my suitcase.

i really hope he's figured the pattern out, heaven knows i haven't. i'll let him stare and hunch, park cars and pry rocks, block traffic and picture-take all he wants because who wouldn't want a driveway like that? well, i guess i probably wouldn't in snowy utah. but, still.


teeny tiny itsy bitsy little luxembourg

little luxembourg has a more formal name than that, much more formal actually. the grand duchy of luxembourg is our neighboring country, and is quite different than belgium, which i find fascinating. they have cheaper gas, a different flag, bigger hills, their own language, and most noticeably was the absense of brick in architecture, which is all there is here in belgium. all the colorful plastered buildings reminded me of both scandinavia and san fran-we called the mix scan fran. i stood on the oldest structure of my life: casemates bock, built around 900 BC. i didnt buy a plate, but i found one. i guess well have to go back.  it was raining hard while we were there. i welcomed all the rain that could fit in my boots, until my toes were numb. time for new boots i guess.


citadelle at dimant

if ever you are in belgium, this is the place to see. it's smack in the middle of the ardennes forest, smack on the edge of a cliff and a river, and now smack in the middle of my heart. we fell in love with it for it's small size, lack of tourists, tram rides, never ending stairs, flags, bridges, on the water feel, huge cathedral stain glass windows, old school mini coopers, and make ya quiver in your boots view. it was a perfect day trip destination, and among our top five favorites of belgium.


before and after

devin cut my hair. i mentioned having him cut it because i didn't want to pay a hairstylist with whom i couldn't communicate. he didn't put up a fight and agreed suprisingly fast, although i shouldn't have been surprised because he loves a new challenge. it took only about ten minutes. we were crackin up the whole time because we had no idea what we were doing and didn't really care. it's long hair. it'll grow. we're in europe, when are will be the next time we have where we don't see anyone we know so you can actually try this? now or never.

can't tell the difference? yeah i can't really either.