saved air

once upon a time i had a dream week- a week jam packed with people who mean the most to me. spending time with kindred spirits is what life is about. just about eight days of inspiration leaves my heart swollen. looking at these pictures makes me almost gasp for air-as if there was a shortage of air and by taking deep breaths i could save up a resevoir to breathe from later in case of emergency. i'm fully aware thats impossible-you cant breath in saved air. i'm fully aware there will be a shortage of becca for the next eighteen months, and i wont be able to breath in the past. gotta live in the moment. but i'm also fully aware that these pictures will be a minute resevoir, and how valuable are pictures and memories if they do just that. the week was full of reunions, summer rhatigan dancing- a first in five months, patty griffin, long drives, sore backs and low arabesques, swollen ankles and cramps, giggling through ice skating events, cupcakes, manti temple visits-a first for both of us, sleep deprivation, sweet potato fries, jeffrey r holland talks, future plan talking, dreaming big as we can, counseling with each other about life, infinite generosity and eternal heart binding.