a visit to paradise, or just kate kelly's house

I'm grateful to call kate harline my friend because not only is her brother famous(she would be the first to admit it), but because she has a heart of gold. not only does she offer me to drink out of the jonny harline's cup when i'm at her house, but she has a sense of humor like none other. not only does her mom have the best sense of style ever, but she does as well. to prove it look at this first pic: ha. devin and i visited their new home in the historic distric of provo. it would be my dream come true to have a house half this neat one day. thanks for the inspiration!

i love you kathleen kelly.
ps. we're in san fran safe and sound!


up to the highest height...

....oh lets go fly a kite.
our dearest of pals, the johnsons, accompanied us to fly kites this past weekend. they are leaving to med school while we're in san fran. i cried saying goodbye yesterday, feeling truly grateful for all the spirits heavenly father lets us know and admire while on this earth.
nevertheless-it was beyond glorious, minus the fact that any wind you wanted had to be created by running. ha
afterward we made sushi with the killpacks.
heavenly weekend to be sure.
ps- we leave for san francisco in a little less than an hour. we are camping tonight on lake tahoe rather than paying for a hotel. estimated time of arrival in the bay: saturday afternoon. utah- we'll see you in six weeks!


my surprise

about a year ago devin and i invested in a quality antique chair from d.i. :) we, including myself, tried to reupholster it over christmas break- until i broke down after failing to sew something right.
when i returned from tour devin had surprised me with a new chair, and even more importantly different fabric than the $2/yard fabric we tried using the first time. it was a successful surprise. one of my favorite things about devin is his ability to try something new and with persistence become skilled at whatever it is.


welcome to tour overkill:

snippets of the byu tour experience:
Liberty jail.Adam ondi ahmen.Nauvoo, Carthage.Workshop class we taught at detroit school of the arts.Hats at the henry ford museum in Detroit.Lake michigan and lighthouses.Cheesecake Factory visits and motel 8's.Ferris wheel at navy pier in chicago and deep dish style pizza.The most generous host families: one let me put on a bee mask and look at their beehives afterwhich they graciously gave me their homemade honey, another had a house built on 35 acres of land.Typical visits to elementary schools to teach them dance and eat school lunch yum.Mall of america's rollercoaster rides.Museums, museums, and more museums.Minniapolis minnesota(my favorite city from all of tour)Wearing matching outfits and name tags.Antique tractors that you're not supposed to sit on in Nebraska. Winter quarters NE visitors center and temple(when immigrants came to the us by ship, they had to sleep four to a bed this size- i'm so grateful for them)