Its about time I tell ya

Here are three pics taken at the Belgium Airport almost one year ago. They had a future in them that we didn't know at the time...

our baggage
sleeping devin in front of a fav store
a store with a name fitting for me.

Why pics in this airport you ask?



We are going for Devin's work. There is a factory an hour south of Brussels that Dev will take charge of. We plan to be there beginning of August til December. I got a work visa, and will work right alongside Devin. There is an apartment we will be staying in that the company owns in the same building as the factory. I can't wait to see it. The city is in the Walloon region, where French is the primary language. We are 2.5 hours from the Holland Temple.

I remember flying in to Belgium last year. It was early in the morning. There were green fields everywhere. The houses all resembled each other, and looked small and brown spotted with little blue pools. Then, I already had good vibes about the place because a friend has lived there and loved it. In the airport, three languages were spoken for any announcements made, one in French and one in Flemish(a French influenced dialect of Dutch) and of course English. Little did I know that the last country we traipsed around in, even if it was just for a wee three hour layover, on our way home from our backpacking rendezvous would be the next returning european destination for me and home for a little while. We know it won't be long term, at most about 6 months.

We are excited. We've felt the Lord supporting us. We feel humbled. We don't speak French-ahh! We have faith. We will miss our family terribly. We are excited for the challenge. We look forward to the missionary work. We are about two hours from Paris=we want and welcome visitors:) We've heard it is a beautiful country. We know that if we trust in God, all things will work together for our good.

On that note, there is much to be done in about a month. Namely, soak up America and family and see as many of you as possible before we leave! Gotta cram it in while we can!