nacho and a narcoleptic

devin and i had a good laugh when we saw this pic. we, not because of our incredibly awesome photographer-but just because that is what we're good at, look like bafoons.
things to take note of:
devins tall hair-gives him 3 extra inches
our hand grip-way wierd
devins lips look like nacho libre's right before he sings "incarnacion"
i look like i'm sleep walking or bored.

silly us.
more normal pics from this day to come

howdie from Sverige

One the sixth day of being in sweden my true love sent this email to me:
Subject line: Howdie

Hey Mare!

Just wanted to write a short little email to tell you...

I love you
I miss you
I have been thinking about you
I have been working hard today (saturday)
I am trying to be a good boy
I am excited to come home to you
I look forward to talking to you again soon
I missed the stores today...they closed 15 min ago
I will have to try on monday
I texted jonas but haven't heard back from him yet
I set up a time with weiyi to meet at the train station tomorrow to say hello
I am looking forward to church tomorrow
I am excited for our future together
and I married the most beautiful, caring, and wonderful girl in the WHOLE WORLD!

Love you Mare!


Thanks Dev. You are the sunshine of my life.


two years and a turkey

hard to believe it has been over two years. i tried my hand at a turkey for the first time in my homey kitchen.