last night we had our first guests over to our abode. two full time lds missionaries from our ward. i have never hosted missionaries all on my own. i was so excited to cook for representatives of Jesus Christ, to have representatives of Jesus Christ in my home, and to listen to the Lord's tool of carrying forth the gospel in the latter-days. i wasn't so excited to realize that i am older than a missionary... oh well. we called their families afterward and told them they were doing well. we then called our families afterward and told them we were doing well, doing well but i'm pooped. sorry for the lack of post yesterday. happy weekend.

cherished kpack fam photo july 2010 by him


as my nana used to say...

don't you think people have sayings that you remember them by? it is not something necessarily they've said, but something you just remember them by.

-my sister's is, "i never regret being a little too kind."
-nephi's was, "i will go and do the things which the lord hath commanded."
-my dance teacher's was, "excuses...stink." with a little in between there.
-devin's dad saying is "stick til the task til it sticks to you, beginners are many, enders are few."
-my favorite professor's was, "widest to the world."
-grandpa killpack's is, "if" by rudyard kipling.
-and tonight nana, my mother's grandmother, has a phrase that has been motivating me.

simple: don't go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.

i'm trying nana, i really am. i was never good at this before belgium. but having not too many dishes to use the next day, washing dishes by hand and thinking of you doing the same, and wanting to follow better in your footsteps leaves a wet, but nevertheless empty, sink overnight all in your behalf. hope you are smiling up there. i love you. i miss you. thanks for leaving a limitless effect on me.


patchwork quilt

when i showed my dad the google earth view of where we live he said, "can you say patchwork quilt?" yes i can daddy, patchwork quilt.

we love that we get the chance to live in such open fields and wavy landscape. we're practically farmers:)


college town

we were tipped off that a good shopping port here in belgique was in a college town north of us. if we subconsciously missed provo, here was our shot to get a feel of the college vibe again. plus it was close, and we weren't up to making a big rendezvous this weekend. the shopping was -just a wee bit- more pricey than ptown, and nothing to write home about. but it was enlivening to be around young hip-happenin' people again, even if it meant watching a few too many people make out in the park(definitely not in provo any more) . AHH the park-this was the best part of the weekend. It was 24 degrees celsius(i'm trying to fully absorb the culture-in case you can't do math like me, thats 75 fahrenheit) clear skies, and the warmest it's been in four weeks. we napped in the park, listened to bells chime each hour, ate lunch, read books, practiced french, and oozed up every last drop of daylight. with a little bit of coconut and speculoos ice cream to top it off, i don't think we had any a single regret from the weekend...