i've got a new found mantra

it comes from something devin shared with me from conference. speaking to the men president eyring said, "To give the {priesthood} service the Lord expects of us will take more and more self-discipline every day of our lives." essentially, what devin shared with me and what i love is,

---exercise more self discipline everyday---

it's not hard to get discouraged by all that i need to improve about me, but this seems manageable. only a prophet can make it sound appealing and possible. i really can exercise a little more self discipline everyday. it has been my rallying cry the past two days. i've used it to help me not give in and make that useless, but tasty, batch of chocolate chip cookies that I would probably eat almost entirely alone. i've used it in a rush when i would be prone to speed on the highway to calm down and take it slow. i've used it instead of wasting time online, to contact a long lost friend. i even used it when i desperately wanted anything but to prep, boil, cut, and freeze all that gross raw chicken that had been sitting in my fridge needing tending to. it doesn't mean i haven't gotten impatient, or selfish, or greedy, but this simple motto has really helped. that's all. 
let me know if this saves you from any extra calories or car accidents:)
have a grand weekend.


every parent says it

it's terribly cliche. but since when did my little guy go from this

to this??????


i intend to spend forever with these two

i have a family here on earth.
they are so good to me.
i want to share my life with them
through all eternity.
families can be together forever
through heavenly fathers plan.
i always want to be
with my own family
and the lord has shown me how i can.
the lord has shown me how i can.

pictures by jenna


19 minor details

we live in a house with burgundy trim, and forest green steps.
i made dinner only three times last week.
my favorite room in our house is our bathroom.
try as i may, i have a hard time not eating something sweet every day.
i'd like to learn more about investing money.
devin is three years from 30, and i'm three years from 20.
i wish my home was mostly white.
don't send me a picture message cause my phone is six years old and can't.
i love shower caps.
i ask for the same thing every birthday-a gift card to anthropologie.
cope snorts sometimes and it's my favorite noise he makes.
i finally get a thrill out of making my bed.
renting movies from the library is pretty fun.
i'm indecisive and tend to procrastinate.
 currently we dont have a dishwasher.
less than 1000 days till my parents come home.
using seran wrap easily frustrates me.
my baby boy has a darling birthmark that i recently discovered.

a few things about my life right now i wish to never forget.


one day you'll thank me for this cope

fact: babies make crazy faces.
fact: babies are almost always endlessly entertaining.
fact: babies create the urge in me to take endless pictures, even of crazy faces.
fact: i'm pleased as a peach to get such crazy faces on film.