i have a sick baby for the first time. coughing and slight fever (around 99.5). what to do you do?
i've got the diffuser and humidifier running. we've stayed inside all day.
when do you go to the doctor? 
give me your wisdom.


why i know God hears our prayers

The other day I experienced a wondrous demonstration of God's love for me, nothing shy of magical. Let me share.

Devin and I haven't been to the temple together since our little angel was born. Last week, some dear friends offered to take him while we went to God's house. Our friends are ultra busy and it meant the world to us that they would give up one of their only free days, plus we felt really comfortable leaving Cope with them. We were so excited to finally be going together-some of you may know the feeling. It's hard to get there, and I haven't had as much anticipation to go there since maybe the day I was married! 

Anyway, we got there, put our things away and headed up to the chapel. I must've looked like I was hurrying to meet someone because a worker along my way told me that the group had just been escorted back to the room and invited me to go if I was with someone. I didn't know if Devin had already left in that group. I quickly got into the chapel, found him, and we debated about whether or not we should go into that session. There were people ahead of us in the chapel who were waiting for the next session, but we decided we may as well try. I was the last person to walk into the session. 

We took our sweet time in the celestial room, and even lingered chatting with some people we grew up with. As I was walking back to my locker in the dressing room, I passed by a familiar face. I had to do a second-take, but on second glance and with a little bit of hesitancy, I tapped her shoulder from behind and asked, "Are you sister Young?" It sounds, and I felt, ridiculous. The second she turned around I was certain! YES it was her.

(Quick explanation: This is a pic of many mission presidents of the El Salvador mission in the mission home. Sister Young is the fifth from the left in this picture, my mother is the third from the left. I first met the Youngs through her sweet daughter who lived in our first married ward, went to high school with Devin, and is a bosom friend. Sister Young and her husband served as mission presidents in El Salvador. When the temple was dedicated this August, they made the trip down. They met up with my parents, and even took a few gifts for my folks.)

Back to the story. She instantly said my name, which I thought was sweet that she remembered. We made small talk. She asked about my parents, and I thanked her for taking things down to them at the dedication. Then she gave me a hug and said, "This is from your mother in El Salvador." I squeezed her with every ounce I had and shed a few tears. She wisely told me that while their mission will be good, it too shall pass:) I thanked her deeply for the sweet words of encouragement and she was gone.

In a daze I sat in my dressing room, the tears really rolling at this point, and thought about the tender mercies of the Lord. He led me to the temple on a certain day, when certain trusting friends offered to watch Cope, just in time to walk by a specific sister who would invite for us to attend the specific session even though there were people still waiting in the chapel for the next session, to be the last couple in the session, and stay in the celestial room just long enough to pass by Sister Young who also was led to the temple at that specific time as well ALL so the Lord could show me he loved me. Boy did I feel loved. I think it was the best gift I've received since my little boy was put in my arms--being able to hug someone who had just hugged my mother:) You see, of  all the people I know, Sister Young understands our situation. She knows exactly what it is like to live in El Salvador. She knows what it is like to miss grandchildren's births. She just knows. And Heavenly Father sent her to me so that I could have a hug from someone who knows. 

The tears roll easily again as I think about the beauty of it all. I can't be positive of the amount of times that I've longed to be near, hug, talk to, or see my mother in the past few months, but I know it in the thousands. God heard those longings, and for a few minutes that special day, he perfectly choreographed a meeting with the closest human on earth to my own mother. Something I very much needed, am deeply grateful for, and will never forget.

I know God hears our prayers.