a little taste of summer.

tomorrow marks the beginning of the end of one of the most magical and attitude-altering blessings in my life: the gift to dance here at San Francisco Conservatory of Dance. tomorrow is our first show, and saturday is our last. for too many reasons to list, for not enough words to explain, and for not enough of time to really tell i will abreviate my love for this place- if i can, i am tearing up as i write this.
this program has given me so much knowledge about myself, about teaching, about dance, and about others that is has flooded into all aspects of my life. besides the gospel, i think this has affected me in a holistic sort of way than anything yet in my life. i eat less sugar(huge i know). i go to bed early and wake up early(another monumental thing). i am more disciplined. i am happier. i have bigger dreams.
the main person to blame for all this is the program director: summer lee rhatigan. she is eloquent, she is breathtaking, she is wise, she is generous, she is a genius and she believes in and loves people with her whole self. she makes more jokes in ballet class than i thought was possible. she doesnt believe in mirrors:). she uses things like wet dogs, blown glass, and world peace as analogies to help us with ballet and it works. she makes 3.5 hours of ballet an uplifting experience. she is more than just a ballet teacher, she is a life coach. and before i start rambling-i will leave you with a few of my favorite of her phrases, the likes of which are routine, prosaic, daily occurrences, and if i could i would record every word she says:

i try jeans on in fifth. i braid my legs when i walk:)

fourth position becomes what second position needs it to be-like a good friend:)

the goal is a consequence. the goal is not an action.

if you need to worry, worry in a magnifying way. if you need to think, think in an open way.

make your troubles the most magnificent part of your life.

self doubt, conceit, fear, self deprecation are all vanities. they all get in the way of YOU!

you are powerful. be heros and leaders in your art form because that is what you are(she gives us the most sincere compliments that make you want to cry. and we usually do:) develop your power for others. be selfless. promise to be powerful for good. thats what i have promised.

amen with my tribute to summer.