people always say...

people always say that birthdays get less birthday-y as you get older
today, thanks to all of you, was one of the most meaningful birthdays i've had. full of love, and focused on things that matter and last- it was the perfect birthday wish. i guess i dont agree with those people.
people always say that absence makes the heart grow fonder

for the next 21 days i'll be on a bus(thankfully) driving for BYU's tour to eight of the north central states. i left a anthro magazine covered in love notes written on each page for devin. i already cried twice today thinking about it. i guess those people are right.
people (jason mraz) always say (sings) that, "look into your heart and you'll find the sky is yours."
recently we downloaded an acoustic version of this song, and whether it's my bad hearing, or me changing the lyrics, i thought it said, "look into your heart and you'll find- it's not yours." i guess those people's lyrics are right. however, i continue singing them in my pretended ignorance. i was mezmorized by the truthfulness of these made-up lyrics. in fact, i can't stop thinking of it. my heart is not mine. it's given to those that i love. i know i've found more joy by fully giving my heart to those that i love than by holding it back and saving love for a rainy day. i've been reminded this weekend how my heart is in the hands of so many people, how many people i feel inexpressably indebted to and thankful for, and yet it is in the safest of hands. our hearts are not ours, but given, vulnerably and wholly, to those that we love