a buncha pictures

motherhood is the most satisfying job i've done.

look at that smile! what baby boy doesn't love airplane time?

he is definitely beefing up, cope that is.

borrowed a cousins big hat. went for a walk in st george but still had him bundled. figures.

nine glazier cousins now

thanksgiving day. i am officially balding. like mother like... son.

ahhhh. you have my heart son.

 first night trying rice cereal. the face and the spoon-mustache. too good.


they gave up their christmas

i watched this touching movie today. it put me in my place, it's not about having or getting this christmas.
this christmas is going to be a first for me. none of my siblings or parents will be around. grandparents and brothers just left for el salvador for christmas to be with my parents. others will be with their in-laws.  i know what you're probably thinking. you're 23 now mare, and a mother, and you have dev and cope to celebrate with. time to grow up girl. true, and thank heavens i have my own little blessed family. i'm in awe of anyone who has spent christmas away from family. literally i adore you. how do you do it? i guess i'm just being forced to grow up, though not doing it very well, and still want my other family too for christmas.
i'm grateful for the more selfless example of others that helps me realize what blessings i have, what little sacrifices i make on christmas, and what more i can give.


bobble head elves

during the holidays when i was growing up my mom would pull out the bobble head elves. they looked something like below, only much cuter. i think my grandmother made them for my mother.

they started out with styrofoam heads, but then a few of them broke so she had to replace them with wood heads. their pipe-cleaner bodies couldn't compete with the wood head and thus they became overly top heavy and bobbly. it's my favorite characteristic of theirs.

we would hide them all around the house and chuckle at how their heads affected their poses. 

i specifically remember my brother and i making a little game of it. we would move them around everyday to try to find a better spot than the other had found. on door knobs, door frames, fireplaces, in the tree, on the stair rails-wherever-it was always a little hunt for them. it united our family, sparked some creativity, and is a magical memory of mine.

because there is nothing better than keeping family traditions, this year i ventured to make some for my sister. but my selfishness prevented me from giving them all to her and i kept some for my own little family.

i'm sad i'm so selfish, but happy i kept some. i can't wait to see what they become to our family, hiding games or not. and hope that i can do a better job of passing on traditions i love to my little ones.



big things are happening around here. like cope rolling over, taking longer naps, eating rice cereal, and giggling. those are big in my book. whatever book that is referring to since i haven't yet to write them in my journal. or here. wish i was a better document-er these days. i don't want to play catch up, i just want to keep living life sans blog. but i feel wierdly guilty if i do that. dumb. 
but life is a good busy right now. sometimes overwhelming, but i'm grateful for it all. i shouldn't say this, cause something else will come my way, but it's starting to feel like i've finally surfaced for air, felt the sun on my skin after last year's tunnel, stopped running for my life and started leisurely walking. i'm glad for that. however long it lasts, i'm glad. my heart grows bigger and bigger each day that i spend with my new little man, and my sweetly familiar 27 year-old one too:)

our son, the camera lover. he will stare at a camera above a human any day.