vistas of the early hours

today i woke up at 5:40 without an alarm. i haven't been much of a morning person, until lately. i started a full time job that requires i wake up at 6 everyday. i love knowing that my dad is sitting at the kitchen table reading scriptures when i wake up. i love that finally i am among many other wise men and women of the world that are already up and at 'em. i love knowing that i beat devin to the shower, which means he gets to make the bed. i love the curious moment of peeking out the blinds each morning, never knowing what weather you are gonna get. i love how morning sounds. i love all the beautiful vistas on the drive to salt lake that are unique to the east bench of davis county. i love feeling so exhausted in the evening that i can't keep my eyes open past a decent hour. mostly, i love that God is helping me change a habit that i was not proud of.

i don't love eating breakfast while driving-who has the discipline to get ready early enough to sit down and eat breakfast? i don't love 8 story parking garages. i don't like not having dinner ready for devin when i'd like. but mostly, i love that God takes care of us, whenever we do our very best and trust in him for the rest.

brianhead, ut 10.07


just as majestic...

we knew it would happen. we moved home from belgium and have taken about 30 pictures in three months. woops. there are things that occur day in and out that are just as majestic, things just as worthy of forever etching in my mind, things equally historic or monumental happening in utah as there were in belgium.
the beautiful thing is that it is all so familiar to me-the sad thing is that i don't think to pull out a camera for the familiar.  here are a few rare occasions where i did.

we threw a baby shower for a neighbor. yes devin did as much work as i did, and so i say we:) 

we have taken every opportunity to be with family after the six month drought. mom and i frequenting the glorious in and out for pop's bday lunch. i'm sorry europe-but you do not know how to do hamburgers.

we had the glazier gang over to our house for grandma and pop's combined bday dinner. i had so missed the fulfillment of being a host in my own home.

and a silly tummy picture that is five weeks out of date now... dumb.

there are maybe five other pictures besides this. hopefully my camera will be put to better use soon.


flood the earth

i recently went to a meeting where the stupendous sister dalton encouraged us to "Flood the earth with VIRTUE." she encouraged us to use the internet to do that. so here i am-trying to do my part.

here is the first picture devin and i have together. devin looks exactly the same. i have chubby cheeks, and hair that is 12 inches shorter. i am hiding my right eye because this was the first day out of the hospital after i had my first reconstructive surgery years ago. oh how time has flown. oh how we've grown.

at that time, nothing i had previously experienced was so stretching and testing as a kick in the eye with a rollerblade. of course in retrospect, like all trials, i now can see how it helped refine my course and prepare for other little tests ahead. they are all little tests compared to those others face, but big ones for me. things that i didn't think i could muddle through, but was miraculously enabled to do so. God is so good. i am happy for the small but 'mighty changes' he has allowed to take place in my heart, most often as a result of trying times.