Europe awaits

This summer we are going to europe to visit devin's mission. We'll be spending most time here in stockholm, sweden.

Devin's friends from the mission are letting us stay in their cute little "stuga" or cottage in the countryside of sweden.our venture begins in amsterdam. stay just one day there

Devin's mission presidents live in london and we'll be spending two nights there.
there we plan to take dev to his first broadway showfrom there it is off to france for 3-4 days. i'm maybe most excited for this
due to my eye accident last time i was in europe, i wasn't able to go to any of these places like i had planned. i saw a video of my friends doing a 300 foot bungey jump in between two canyons in interlocken, switzerland. i've wanted to go back ever since. we'll definitely be making a stop there. I aslo kinda wanna go sky diving.

after interlocken, its a night train over to italy. this is where we are torn. we only have 3-4 days in italy. i wanna see rome,venice,
and cinque terra, but i dont think we can fit them all in. any suggestions from you well-traveled on which two are most worth seeing?

after italy we fly to sweden, spend our week there. we'll spend a day in denmark on our way to
berlin- where our returning flight departs.
we couldnt be more excited but need all the advice we can get....?!!! let's hear from you: favorite stops, sights, shops, etc... thanks!


it is not unusual...

...for devin to find something he likes and not stop thinking about, and pursuing it for days on end.

prime example: me.
another less important, materialistic, more recent, prime example:

we saw this car this past weekend and in those four days since devin has :

1.made sure utah laws allow for right-side steering wheels.
check. (if you look closely you can tell this one has one, probably the main reason he is in love)
2.looked up all the functioning '73 mini's everywhere from san fran to london(the hub of right handed cars, refer to number one)-
check. although they are rare, this didn't stop him
3.discovered shipping rates from overseas.
check +.
4.learned about gas mileage.
check plus again.
5.learned about crash ratings.
no check. i told him state street is the fastest we'd take this baby.
6.tried to convince me that i can learn to drive stick.
no check. (i'm sure i wouldn't mind a few good hours in church parking lot, laughing with my best friend, but i had to put up a fight.)

alas, he has found his dream car: a '73 mini, with the checkers on top- or maybe i just added that part.
secretly i kind of love it too-

no we will not be buying a car like this anytime soon.


had a ball

saturday devin and i went to the traditions ball at the hinckley center. admittedly i was too stressed to be excited to go. but all it took was devin pretending to pick me up at the door, some hearty salsa dancing to snazzy jazzy tunes, uplifting and hilarious company and i was hooked. looking forward to someday becoming one of those old couples in the background on the dance floor who still got it.