after a series of unmatchable tender mercies that have witnessed to us the truth that God cares for our every step, we found a townhouse.
it is crazy to think that this will be ours. it all has happened so fast its hard to breathe along the way. we've had a ball picking out our colors, carpet, cabinets, lights, etc. needless to say, it has been harder than i thought.
we move in a week and a half. i told devin the first night we sleep there i am bringing my blanket and sleeping in the kitchen because i love it so.

...my heart is beyond full of gratitude and yet only an inch of it is a tad apprehensive. there are a few uncertanties that i must still wait on the lord to calm...
"that soul who on jesus has leaned for repose. i will not, i cannot desert to his foes, that soul though all hell should endeavor to shake, i'll never no never, i'll never no never, i'll never no never no never forsake"