A babe named Kyler

I've fallen for this little dude. He's not mine, but if ever anyone asks if he is mine I never hesitate to claim he is. Props to Sierra and John Prina for this cute dude.

First ride without the carseat. Dont worry it was only a few hours long... jk

A little wannabe Moses. It was cold out and we were nervous for earaches so this was our defense.

Here he is trying on some flip flops. I think he likes em.


Besides all the many things that we won't mention that my blessed mother did for me when I was little, she taught me nursery songs. I learned the itsy bitsy spider and loved to do the actions as best as my uncoordinated hands would permit. One rather dramatic episode at the dinner table from me as a four year old, has been a laugh for my mother and I for many years since. We were having pizza. Not so dramatic for the American family right? Well suddenly I start screaming at the top of my lungs, "ITSY ITSY ITSY!!!!" Now, important note: My mother hates spiders just as much as i do. So she was frantically looking for this 'itsy' that her little one has spotted. Walls, under the table and high chair, on the floor-it all seemed clear of those terrible monsters. When I took a breath and had a moment to stop temper tantruming, I realized that my mother was not cleaning up the itsys. In case she wasn't getting the clue, I pointed at where i spotted the itsy-the pizza. I can imagine my mother's face going pale, and in her mind thinking, "No, please dont be on this pizza. What will we eat for dinner?" She searched the pizza but luckily found no itsy. She began to interrogate me asking what I thought was the itsy. After some confusion, and probably some difficult debate, and much soothing she had to convince me that the thousands of little black olives on the pizza were not itsy's. I've hated olives ever since, and spiders only more. Well much to my luck it seems those spiders here cant seem to stop following me around. If you dont like them I would not read on. I'm proud of the courage I've had recently to kill at least 1 spider a day and in cases like yesterday 5 in one day! It gives you such sense of accomplishment. I've been taking pictures of them for some strange reason here are just a few of the famous ones:

Sick, we don't even know what this is. There are the strangest bugs out here.

This is usually the solution to the frights I have when I see these grotesque things: scream, find my right flip flop, and some good ole raid. I think we ran out of that on our first week here.

Olive Garden Alfredo Sauce Copy-Cat

My friends and I out here are getting into cooking. Its what we do late at night while waiting for our starving boys to come home. My friend tried this the other night. It made enough for four of us to eat and leftovers. YUM. Its also really simple.

1 pint heavy whipping cream
1 cube butter-dont substitute margarine
2 Tbls cream cheese
3/4 C Parmesan cheese. The finely grated kind that comes in a canister thingy
1 teas garlic powder. We added a little bit more
pepper to taste

Melt the cream cheese and butter. Add Parmesan cheese and garlic powder. Stir with wisk. Slowly pour in the heavy cream. Add pepper to taste, stirring constantly over medium heat for a few minutes. Dont wait for it to thicken. Serve with noodles. Make sure you dont rinse the noodles after straining them. They loose the capacity to absorb the sauce, because the sauce thickens from the starch from the noodles.
VOILA. easy eh? It's so similiar too, I was caught off guard. Make me rethink paying 12 bucks for it at the restuarant again. We're trying Cafe Rio copy cat recipe for Sunday. I'll let you know if it's a hit.