my beloved parents

this year on my birthday i sat for a moment and cried. it was a milestone i proudly (yet barely) passed and my emotions ran high. 
today i feel the same emotions running high. it could be because devin just left for a week of scout camp, and i'm never as good without him. or it could be because i'm a hormonal woman with a baby brewing in me. but i think i know the real reason.

on july first my parents will move outside america for three years to serve their God and our church.
they have been called to serve as mission presidents in the el salvador, san salvador mission.

in every way i adore my parents.
as someone on the verge of becoming a parent, i adore them.
imagining leaving my unborn child for three years makes me adore them even more. 
knowing they would and will drop their entire lives at a moments notice when a prophet of God calls makes adore them even most.

they are the saints, scriptorians, and support i want someday to be. 
and they are here for a brief three weeks more. 
i'm one hundred percent certain that our lives will never be the same after this experience in the most positive way possible.